Jake  (Founder / Photographer / Workaholic)

After shooting on the streets of New York City for years, Jake discovered his love for the candid moment when his cousin's wedding photographer didn't show up. He shot it on the spot and the rest is history.

His philosophy for shooting weddings, events and portraits is about capturing honest moments. People say looking through Jake's work makes them feel like they were actually there. 

Jake started JBM in 2011 with his beautiful wife, Ash. They have since experienced incredible growth and changed the name of their business to LOVE+ WOLVES CO. In 2016, he was named a Rangefinder Top 30  Rising Star Worldwide. He's stoked. 
You can view Jake's personal work here.

Something you may not know:
Everyone once and a while, Jake shaves off his beard and has a major identity crisis. Also, his favorite thing to do is sit on the floor with his kids.

Check out his Instagram at @jacobbmurphy.

Ash  (Founder / Hair + Makeup / Stylist / Editor / Social Media Queen / Wedding Guru)

Ash has worked in the fashion industry for the past eight years. Traveling all over the US and the UK. But i
t wasn't until she became a bride herself that event hair + makeup became her passion.

Ash believes in enhancing beauty from the inside out. Her goal is to make you to feel like a glamorous version of yourself. To see Ash's beauty work firsthand go to our Beauty page.

To see Ash's fashion and editorial work, visit her website

Something you may not know:
Ash loves cats, dogs, traveling and blogging. She is also starting to direct her creative energy towards wedding styling. To see some of her styling work, check out our top three galleries on the homepage.

To see her magical blog go here.

Sarah (New York Photographer / New Zealand Correspondent / Travel Master)

For the past twenty years, photography has zipped Sarah all over the country and parts of the world. From wide horizons in the desert to vertical big city lines, from rural to urban, east to west, and back. She lets her camera guide her and loves every minute of it. 

Her photos illustrate the photojournalism and documentary photography she studied, as well as reveal an effusive love for stories, moments, and people, often small but never dull .

Something you may not know: 

Sarah is unobtrusive and down-to-earth. Her head is often in the stars. She loves space, science, and anything astronomical. Her favorite pastimes are baking, whistling and photographing your face.

Check out Sarah's Instagram at @oftensaw.

Natalie (New York Photographer / City Mouse)

Natalie first got excited about photography when she learned how to make a pinhole camera in high school. Since then, she explored many kinds of cameras and processes. From 35mm to large format. Tin type to polaroid and then to digital. She's realized it's not so much about the camera but the who, where, and why of a photograph that truly matters.  She loves photographing people at their most honest moments and feels truly honored to document these crazy-awesome spirited events!

Something you may not know: 

Natalie has lived in Baltimore, Maine and New York. She'll dance to just about anything and loves jumping into cold lakes. 

Check out Natalie's Instagram at @natalieelizconn.


Hardy (Northern California Photographer / Mustache Aficionado / Vagabond)

Hardy is a Bay Area native having grown up on a cattle ranch on the outskirts of Napa Valley. Some claim he was raised by wolves. Spending most of his youth growing up outside helped shape his ever-curious and observant nature. He still visits the ranch as much as he can to go on hikes and jeep rides with never-aging grandmother. He has as much fun getting muddy today as he did as a kid.

The fact that Hardy gets to photograph for a living makes him pinch himself every day. He currently photographs many different subjects; from weddings, to lifestyle, photojournalism, editorial, and studio work. 

Something you may not know: 

It is said that Hardy has an iron stomach. Having once spent an entire week in Mexico solely eating street tacos and drinking cheap cerveza - without getting sick.

Check out Hardy's adventures on Instagram at @thehardy.

Erin (San Francisco Photographer / Fly on the Wall / Weekend Warrior)

Erin has had a camera since she was in kindergarten. She has done many interesting things -- including collecting bugs in Tahiti and measuring climate change in the Arctic -- but has always come back to photography.

Erin loves the variety of traditions, emotions and surprises she gets to capture at celebrations.

She loves the cake, too.

Something you may not know:
Erin can't help but boogie to a few wedding tunes (Gangnam Style is not one of them) and she makes a mean borscht.

Check out Erin's Instagram at @pradonuts.

Grace (New York Hair + Makeup Artist / Travel Nut / Special Effects Boss)

Starting her makeup journey in Los Angeles California, Grace has been doing makeup for over 4 years. Since then, she’s worked on projects varying from zombie films to fashion editorials spanning coast to coast.

She’s currently living her dream in the city that never sleeps.

Grace believes in using makeup as a way to empower and enhance the individual.  She wants you to feel confident and truly yourself on your wedding day.

Something you may not know:

Grace is originally from Seattle, WA. Sticking to her Northwest roots, she loves hiking, coffee, and the Seahawks! To look at her full portfolio, visit www.gracefongmakeup.com

Check out Grace's Instagram at @fancyf0ng.


Eve (Studio Manager / Calendar Queen / Email Extraordinaire / Mom of Scott)

Eve is a long-time friend who joined the LOVE + WOLVES CO pack in June 2018.

After becoming a Mom to her cub Scott, Eve chose to exit the private sector (said in a robot voice) and enter the world of weddings. With 10+ years of administrative and customer service experience, Eve is stoked to use her skills in the creative world.  

Eve looks forward to assisting you throughout your photography journey.

Something you may not know:
As an old soul, you can either find Eve listening to a vintage vilyn or getting lost in a daydream at a live show.  She’s secretly obsessed with Woodstock (not the Peanuts character) and the pursuit of peace, love and happiness.