"WOLF MEDICINE : Wolf takes one mate for life and is loyal like Dog. If you were to keep company with Wolves, you would find an enormous sense of family within the pack, as well as a strong individualistic urge. These qualities make Wolf very much like the human race. As humans, we also have an ability to be a part of society and yet still embody our individual dreams and ideas."

Video shot + edited by Mallary for LOVE + WOLVES CO!

“In our hearts, weddings are all about being surrounded by the pack of people you've chosen. We'd like to become a part of your pack and you to become a part of ours.” - Ash + Jake

With over 100 FIVE STAR REVIEWS we feel so lucky to have connected with so many incredible couples and witness so much LOVE!

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How did we fall in love?! We ask all of our couples this question, so here's our little love story:

Ash + Jake were both over the New York City dating scene. But one fateful night, they were dragged out to a bar in the West Village (ironically called "The Bitter End"). Ash was across the bar when Jake walked in and they immediately locked eyes. Ash (wanting to get a better look) decided she'd go grab some drinks for herself and her friend. Not seeing the cute tall man anywhere she headed back to her spot and there he was chatting away with her friend getting as much info on Ash as he possibly could. Jake dropped the line, "I'm a photographer and need hair and makeup for projects all the time...here's my card". Little did Ash know, Jake was a photojournalist at the time and didn't need hair and makeup for any projects...ever. In fact, he mostly shot portraits on the street back then. Long story short: they soon went on what Ash thought was a business meeting and Jake figured was a first date. After an hour of awkward conversation the sparks flew and  one week later Jake moved in with Ash. Jake must have been clairvoyant and knew he would work with Ash eventually one way or another...

One collective, two magical children and three fur babies later and here we are!

Jake  (Co-founder / Papa Wolf / Photographer/ Editing Wizard / Workaholic)

After working under some of the world’s best known photojournalists, Jake discovered his passion for weddings when his cousin's photographer didn't show up. He shot it on the spot and the rest is history.

Jake’s philosophy for shooting is about capturing honest moments. People say looking through his work makes them feel like they were actually there. It’s all about telling love stories from start to finish.

Jake started JBM in 2011 with his beautiful wife, Ash. They have experienced incredible growth since and changed the name of their business to LOVE+ WOLVES CO. He was named a
Rangefinder Top 30  Rising Star Worldwide. He's pretty stoked on that.

Something you may not know:
Everyone once and a while, Jake shaves off his beard and has a major identity crisis and grows it back immediately. His favorite thing to do is dogpile on the floor with his kids.

Check out his Instagram at @jacobbmurphy.

Ash  (Co-founder / Mama Wolf/ Hair + Makeup / Styling / Editing / Social Media Queen / Wedding Guru)

Ash has worked in the fashion industry traveling all over the World. But it wasn't until she became a bride herself that wedding hair + makeup became her passion. She loves helping women feel their best on the most special of days.

Ash believes in enhancing beauty from the inside out. Her goal is to make you feel like a glamorous version of yourself….a fucking Goddess. To see Ash's beauty work firsthand go to her Beauty page.

Something you may not know:
Ash is a total powerhouse who gave birth to her second babe right in the living room. She believes in all good energy and the epic power of the Universe. She tries to be present in each moment and keep things zen. She will forever be obsessed with the art of fashion. She thinks that fresh flowers are just as important as fresh produce and always has freshly cut blooms throughout her house.

Check out Ash’s Instagram at @loveandwolvesbeauty…To see her side blog go here.


Eve (Day-of Coordinator / Studio Manager / Email Extraordinaire / Mom of Scott / Boss of Joey)

Eve is a long-time friend who joined the LOVE + WOLVES CO pack in 2018.

After becoming a Mom to her pup Scott, Eve chose to exit the private sector (said in a robot voice) and enter the world of weddings. With 10+ year background in administration and customer service, Eve is stoked to use her skills in the creative world.  

She is the most organized Scorpio you’ll ever meet. Trust us when we say, she’s the boss-lady you want in your corner on the big day. Eve looks forward to assisting you throughout your LOVE + WOLVES CO experience.

Something you may not know:
As an old soul, you can either find Eve listening to a vintage vinyl or getting lost in a daydream at a live show. She’s secretly obsessed with Woodstock (not the Peanuts character) and the pursuit of peace, love and happiness.

Sarah (New York Photographer / Moon Dancer / Travel Master)

For the past twenty years, photography has zipped Sarah all over the country and different parts of the world. From wide horizons in the desert to vertical big city lines, from rural to urban, east to west, and back. She lets her camera guide her and loves every minute of it. 

Her photos show the photojournalism and documentary style that she studied, as well as reveal an effusive love for stories, moments, and people. Often small but never insignificant .

Something you may not know: 

Sarah is unobtrusive and down-to-earth. Her head is often in the stars. She loves space, science, and anything astronomical. Her favorite pastimes are baking, whistling and photographing your face.

Check out Sarah's Instagram at @oftensaw.

Natalie (New York Photographer / Music Maker / City Mouse)

Natalie first got excited about photography when she made a pinhole camera in high school. Since then, she has explored many kinds of cameras and processes. From 35mm to large format, tin-type to polaroid and then to digital. She's realized it's not so much about the camera but the who, where, and why of a photograph that truly matters. Natalie loves photographing people in their most honest moments and feels truly humbled to document these crazy-awesome spirited events!

Something you may not know: 

Natalie has lived in Baltimore, Maine and New York. She'll dance to just about anything and loves jumping into cold lakes. She works at Hunter College of New York during the week and is a pro at curating gallery shows.

Check out Natalie's Instagram at @natalieelizconn.


Stephanie (West Coast Associate / Travel Boss / Instagram Master / Camera Collector)

Stephanie has been a photographer her whole life, but has focused on her love for wedding photography since 2015. For her, the most exciting part of weddings are the couples she meets and the intimate looks inside their families on these special days. 

She has a photojournalistic approach to capturing a day and strives to get a well-rounded string of moments for your story. Her love for candids, landscapes, and details helps her to re-create the emotion and beauty of the day. 

Something you may not know:  

Stephanie is super lowkey and knows how to direct couples with ease. She loves being in nature surrounded by trees and has been a water baby her whole life. She has a huge love for the arts that spreads into music, painting + cinematography. She studied architecture and worked as an intern architect & designer before pursuing wedding photography full-time. 

Check out Stephanie's Instagram at @stephseverance.


Jem (Upstate NY Associate / Snack Connoisseur / Strong-ish )

Originally from Sydney, Australia Jem spent most of her photographic journey dreaming for the longest time that she would be a fashion photographer and worked as a photo editor for news and magazines.  After photographing a friend's wedding almost 10 years ago, she's found herself constantly lured back to the excitement and emotion of shooting weddings. 

She's obsessed with hearing the weird and wonderful ways that people fall in love and documenting their stories. She wants you to feel like you've invited an old friend to your wedding so you feel comfortable opening up and walk away with photos that transport you back to the moment every time. 

Something you may not know: 

Being Australian, Jem often has words for every day things that make absolutely no sense to anyone but other Australians. She spends her time away from the camera as a competitive powerlifter and tracking down weird new snacks to try. 

Check out Jem’s Instagram at @jemrichards.


Whit  ( Hair Stylist / Mama Goddess / Jewelry Maker / Vintage Gypsy)

Whit has been involved in making people beautiful for over a decade and a half. Fashion has been her passion for as long as she can remember. Ash and Whit fell in love in cosmetology school after having the best time traveling to London for cutting and coloring classes. The rest is history. Not only does Whit know how to sculpt hair in the perfect way but to chat with her is like chatting with the wisest woman you’ll ever meet.

Something you may not know:

Whit also makes stunning jewelry over at SUNDAYS GOLD (Ash wore all of her custom pieces on her wedding day. That’s right—CUSTOM). She also finds and sells the coolest vintage items you’ll ever see at her and her sister Aubrey’s shop CULTSxKIMONOS.


Aubrey  (Makeup Artist / Fashion Guru / Model / Clothes Collector / Wanderer)

Aubrey has been involved in the fashion industry since the beginning of time. Starting to make her own clothes before graduating from high school. Aubrey got passionate about makeup when she started modeling in her teens and has been in love with creating beauty ever since. Aubrey is the coolest California girl you’ll ever meet and if there’s one person who will give it to you straight—it’s her.

Something you may not know:

Aubrey is Whit’s sister and together they run the dopest shop CULTSxKIMONOS. Check it out before their one of a kind vintage collections sell out. Aubrey is also a wanderer who travels to the most remote places and likes to stay for as long as she can.


Corey  (Videographer / Philosopher / Wanderer / Stud Muffin)

Documenting the excitement and anticipation of the birth announcement of his nephew, Fenix, was the defining experience that set Corey on the videographer's path. He strives to capture the precious moments shared between people, peering into their universe and immortalizing it.

Corey recognizes beauty in the everyday and seeks to bring it out. As a professional model, he understands what it's like to be on the other side of the lens and intuitively coaches subjects on how to let their best selves shine through.

Something you may not know:
Corey enjoys being behind the stove and the turntables as much as he does the lens. And while he doesn't drink, he makes a mean spicy mezcal margarita.

Check out Corey’s Instagram at @envyyouth.


Mallary  (Videographer / Editor / Mama Goddess / Artist / Feminist / Traveler)

At a very young age, Mal was fascinated by realism in a handful of films that she was probably too young to see. These films influenced her to document and tell her own stories through the art of cinema. She studied film and earned her BA in Cinema Studies from San Francisco State University.

She also co-curates a feminist film series called GAZE, which is based in San Francisco. She has exhibited her films and others across the US and throughout Europe, including the Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner.

Something you may not know:

Mal has known Ash since high school and after shooting Ash and Jake’s wedding she fell in love with capturing these most memorable of moments. LOVE + WOLVES CO was lucky enough to be a part of her wedding. She is also a mother and lives in Oakland with her partner and their cat Nico.

Check out Mal’s traveling film series here.

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