Booking for 2018/2019 has begun! We accept a limited number of weddings per year to maintain a high level of quality for our clients.

Basic packages include options 1- 4.

Custom packages can include any combination of the following:

1............8 to10 hours of coverage
2............In-house photo editing and processing
3............Online gallery with printing/downloading
4............High resolution JPEGs (Color + BW)
5............Engagement shoot
6............Second shooter
7............Additional hours of coverage
8............Polaroid photography
9............Photo "booth"
10.........Custom photo books

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Engagement / Portrait Session
Engagement and portrait shoots are so much fun! They're also a great way to get to know each other, build a rapport and reach a place of comfort in front of the camera. These shoots are very relaxed. They can start in an apartment and then move into going for a walk through your favorite part of the city or going on a date at your favorite cafe. We also love doing "Day in the Life" family portrait shoots.

 Photo by Erin Prado

Photo by Erin Prado

Second Shooter
Every day is different. Having a second set of eyes on a celebration can be a huge asset. This option really depends on the size and complexity of your day. For instance, if your guest list is over 120 people or the couple is getting ready at separate locations, a second shooter might be a good idea. 

Polaroid Photography
We LOVE film here at LOVE + WOLVES CO. Especially Polaroids. They're kind of our specialty.

This is a fantastic option for couples who appreciate the nostalgic, ethereal and quirky qualities of a film photograph. After rummaging through thrift shops and flea markets over the years, we have acquired a collection of Polaroid and film cameras that will capture your day in a way that cannot be achieved with digital photography. Check out our gallery here

Photo "Booth"
This option is perfect for couples who want to give their guests the chance to have their photo taken on their own terms. The simple and open setup consists of a photographer, tripod, one light and a camera.

We love utilizing an interesting part of the space (ie. a brick wall or a couch) so that the photos are relevant to your celebratinon. Props are not included.

Check out the gallery here

In-house Photo Editing and Processing
The work continues long after your photo shoot. LOVE + WOLVES puts a lot of love into the post production and delivery of your images. Many photography studios outsource their post-production to save time and effort. It's a TON of work, after all! But we prefer to keep the entire process in-house from start to finish. This way we can assure that every photo has our finishing touches on it and you're guaranteed LOVE + WOLVES CO quality. 

High Resolution Digital Negatives (BW & Color)

Once your photos are edited down to the strongest frames we tweak every image to perfection. We then deliver all of the final selections in full color and black & white files in high resolution. You basically get two sets of images. SWEET!

Online Gallery
Upon the delivery of your images, a full gallery of the high resolution images will be posted to an online gallery through which you, your friends and families can purchase prints and downloads. This gallery will be available for 2 months after the delivery of your images. Check them out here

Custom Books
In this digital age, there's nothing quite like holding something beautiful in your hands. Turning the pages of your wedding book is the equivalent of listening to your favorite album on vinyl. Immersive. Transporting. Our gorgeous custom albums are exactly that. Whether it's stunning leather with cover embossing or canvas wrapped with custom layouts they make for the perfect family heirloom. See what we have to offer on our Wedding Books page.