Where are you based?
The San Francisco Bay Area and Brooklyn. Two of the coolest places in the country, of course. Jake and Ash started LOVE + WOLVES CO (previously JBM Photography) in Brooklyn in 2011. Now we live in California and have teams on both coasts. Booyah!

Do you travel for weddings? 
Yes. We want to go on an adventure with you! Traveling for work is one of our favorite things to do in the whole world (get it?). We get goosebumps when a destination inquiry comes in because the potential is unlimited. So far, we've been to Morocco, Thailand, Malaysia, India, New Zealand, London, Hawaii and Mexico.

Do you offer custom packages for elopement and destination weddings?
All of our packages are custom-tailored for each wedding. We're flexible because it’s the only way. Weddings are all so unique that it’s best to start from scratch and see what works. Reach out and we'll make something happen just for you :-)

Who’s going to shoot our wedding?
This totally depends on your location, date, budget and style. We have associates on the East and West coast who are eager to celebrate with you. Sometimes we recommend certain associates based on your vibe. That's vague, I know, but if you get it you get it. We encourage our couples to chat/meet/have a beer with their potential photographer to make sure you click. Which you will, of course, because everyone in our wolfpack is fuggin' awesome. You'll all be doing secret handshakes in no-time.

How would you describe your style?
Wow. I would say candid, honest and photojournalistic with a dash of humor and fine art. Our photos will tell the story of what really happened at your celebration. You'll be able to relive your day again and again. Not only will you have a beautiful series of photos to tell your wedding story, you'll also have stunning photos that can stand alone and never fade with time.

Is your shooting style for everyone?
Nope. We strike a fine balance of being a fly on the wall and being hands on. Here's why: we love to let moments unfold naturally so that they're honest and unforced. However, to get intimate/beautiful/emotional shots we like to connect with our couples and their guests on a certain level. That means we're going to be interacting with you like old friends. If that's not your bag then neither are we (drops the mic).
How many weddings have you shot?
Oy vey! Many hundreds. Too many to count!

How many weddings do you shoot in a year?
We limit the number of weddings we shoot to make sure we can focus on you and stay fresh and passionate about what we do. We’ll be sad if we can’t shoot for you, but we promise to send you a list of all our favorite photographer friends if we can't. 

Who does all of your post-processing?
We does. Unlike some photography studios, we do everything in-house. 80% of what we do is behind the scenes sitting at a computer. We tweak every photo one at a time to keep our style and our brand strong (and to make them super duper beautiful).

How many photos will we get in the end?
Somewhere between 500 and 1200 finished photos, but it totally depends on the amount of coverage. We won’t hold any back as long as they’re worth seeing. Our philosophy is just to give you the photos we'd want from our own wedding. It's that simple. PLUS you’ll receive every photo in color and black & white. Sweet!

Why do your online galleries have so many photos in them?
Basically, we don't have to hide behind really tight edits for our work to be strong. We bare it all. We have nothing to hide. The more of our work you see, the better you can decide if we're the right storytellers for your day.

Do you photoshop your images? 
Blech. Nope. We shoot weddings as photojournalists, so we like to keep your photos authentic. But we do a lot of post-processing to make sure they all look their best. Temperature. Exposure. Shadows. Highlights. and a little H.O.W.L. (handled only with love). 

How will we and our guests see the final photos? 
Super easy. Every LOVE + WOLVES client gets their own password-protected online gallery and print shop where anyone can view, share, download or order prints. This gallery can also be kept totally private if you don't want to share it. Check out our super dope collections here.

Do we have rights to print our photos? 
Of course. You can use our print shop or you can print them on your own.

When will we get our photos?
Always ASAP. Usually within 60-90 days.

Can we get our photos earlier if we ask nicely?
We understand how hard it is to wait and we appreciate your patience. If you'd like them within 2 weeks we charge a $1000 fee.

Can we have our RAW files?
This is a touchy subject. What you are paying for is the finished product. We put a lot of work into our processing and it's a major part of our style. It's probably the reason you like our work so much. If you commissioned a painting, would you ask the artist for all of the sketches, reference material, failures and drafts? Probably not. 

What if I lose my photos or didn't download them before you removed them from the server?

Your photos will be available for download for 6 months. After that, we charge a $250 fee to pull them from our archives and re-upload them.

What kind of cameras do you shoot with? 
Jake, Sarah and Erin are loyal to their Nikons. Natalie shoots with a Canon and we're fine with that.

Do you bring backup gear? 
We never leave home without it!

Do you shoot film? 
Yes. Upon request and depending on your package Jake will shoot with his Polaroid Land Camera or an Instant Polaroid.

Do you make albums? 
Yes and they're lovely. We have a range of albums to meet different budgets and styles.

Do you offer videography?
Good questions! Not yet but we have friends that we love working with and we'll point you in the right direction. 

Do you shoot family and group photos? 
Indeed! These photos are crucial. If not to you, definitely your parents. We'll work together to make sure they happen in a fun and efficient way. 

How do you find your portrait locations?
We put a lot of time and effort into finding the most epic, dope, intimate and beautiful locations for your photos. Sometimes it involves scouting months in advance of your day and other times we’ll just show up and walk around. We love input, too. This is a collaboration so don’t be shy if you have ideas!

Should we do an engagement shoot?
DUH! They're a blast and a great way to get to know each other. There's no better way to build a relationship with a photographer and their camera than to shoot with them. The photos on your wedding day will benefit greatly from you being comfortable in from of the camera. That's why we include portrait sessions in most of our packages.

Do you do photo booths?
Our photo booth is more of a step and repeat style setup with a living breathing photographer behind the camera. Check out the results in our Photo Booth Gallery.

What’s your pricing and how do we get started?
Reach out through our inquiry page and we'll work together on your package. 

What is required to officially book you? 
Once you decide to move forward, we require a signed contract and 50% deposit. Contracts are handled online. In the past, we've booked as far in advance as 24 months so don't be shy!

What types of payment do you accept?
Google Wallet is best, but we also accept checks and credit cards (3% fee).

Can we meet you?
We'd love that! We usually start our relationship with a phone call or Skype. Then once you've booked us we'll sit down and chat or meet at the engagement shoot.

Do you shoot same sex couples? 
Love is love and it always wins. Enough said. It's a privilege to shoot any type of celebration of love! 

Do we need to feed you at our wedding?
Yes, please. We'll be fine for lunch on our own, but being on our feet most of the day will work up an appetite. Most venues and caterers will provide a vendor meal or throw us an extra plate from the kitchen. 

Do you have business insurance? 
Of course! Some venues require it, so just let us know and we’ll be happy to send proof their way. Our insurance is covered by PPA Insurance Solutions via Lockton Affinity LLC, and has liability coverage for up to $2,000,000. Phew!

Will you cry at our wedding? 
Most likely. Yes. Probably during the vows. Sorry not sorry!

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