JBM is a studio of passionate wedding photojournalists based in Brooklyn, NY and San Francisco, CA.

Our goal is to capture the intangible qualities of a wedding day and tell a complete story through a series of moments. In our opinion, no moment is too small to contribute to the narrative.

To get in touch about pricing and packages please email us your date and location at weddings@jacobbmurphy.com


Jacob Murphy (Co-founder / Lead Photographer)
After shooting on the streets of New York City for years, Jacob discovered his love for weddings when his cousin's wedding photographer didn't show up. It was fate!
His philosophy for shooting wedding celebrations is about capturing the feeling and essence of a day. This is achieved by telling the story as it unfolds before him.
Jacob started JBM Weddings in 2010 with his beautiful wife, Ash. You can view his editorial work at www.jacobbmurphy.com.
Something you may not know:Jacob shaves his mustache off once a year. He then proceeds to have an identity crisis and grows it back immediately.

Ash Orzol (Co-founder / Hair & Makeup / Styling)
Ash has worked in the fashion industry for the past eight years. Traveling all over the US and the UK. It wasn't until she became a bride herself that wedding hair & makeup became her passion.
Ash believes in enhancing beauty from the inside out. She wants the bride to feel like a glamorous version of herself. To see Ash's work firsthand, visit her website. 
Something you may not know:Ash loves cats and blogging. She is also starting to direct her creative energy towards wedding styling. To see some of her styling check out ourFaux Fall Nuptials shoot. To see her magical blog go here.

Erin Prado (California Associate)
Erin has had a camera since she was in kindergarten. She has done many interesting things -- collected bugs in Tahiti and measured climate change in the Arctic -- but has always come back to photography.
Erin loves the variety of traditions, emotions and surprises she gets to capture at weddings. She loves the cake, too.
Something you may not know:Erin can't help but boogie to a few wedding tunes (Gangnam Style is not one of them) and she makes a mean borscht.

John Minchillo (New York Associate)
John began his career as a print reporter and then fell in love with photographing his stories. Before long, he put down the pen and picked up the camera forever.
As a working photojournalist, his photographic approach begins and ends with the story, not just the moments, because in his mind the narrative is everything.
Something you may not know:John's interests include writing, reading, conversation and eating EVERYTHING.

Falcon Griffith (New York Associate)Falcon Griffith (New York Associate)
Falcon's dad taught her how to use his 35mm Pentax camera when she was 14 and she was hooked! She grew up around the fashion and music industries so the aspect of storytelling, design and art have been a huge influence on her photography.
She loves capturing the unfolding love, fun and joy of a wedding day story. She does this with an attention to detail and the intention to capture the underlying mood and feel of the day. She is drawn to photography by the ability to make fleeting memories permanent. 
Something you may not know:When Falcon isn't taking photos you can find her making leather goods, drinking green smoothies and running outdoors!