a downside to living in sacramento for the next year is the summers.... HELLA hot would be the best way to describe them. on the plus side, the goddess lake tahoe herself is a little over an hour away.  

with wedding season in full swing and mama wolf almost being a full moon within this pregnancy we had to get away to keep our sanity...so to tahoe we went.  besides a little pit stop in one of our old fave silver mining towns (virginia city) we found ourselves extremely happy with days full of early morning beach time and afternoons floating in the pool. one thing this mama wolf prides herself in is finding dope spots to call home while on vacation. this time we found the coachman hotel, a renovated motel that was absolutely perfect for our short little jaunt to the woods.

we came home entirely relaxed and ready to take on the rest of the season and a birth. 

in high hopes of a couple more getaways as a family of three... we shall see.