We are not just our couples’ wedding photographers; we are their family photographers. One of our absolute favorite parts of doing what we do is watching our wolfpacks grow…but most of all getting to continue to capture the magic as they do. We followed Danielle + Dave all the way from their wedding in Malaysia to their dope NYC apartment to meet Mack. We had so much fun and felt so lucky that the stars aligned that we got to do this sweet family session with some of our faves.



we love turning trips into work-cations... but if we can ever get in a work-free vacation we will take it. a lot of people don't know this, but when you own your own business you are essentially always on the clock, unless you deliberately make the call to disconnect. we haven't taken one of these in over a year and it's just what the witch doctor ordered. it was a big toss up between the beach and the desert but there was something about the stillness of the desert that was calling our names... so joshua tree and palm springs it was! 

joshua tree is exactly how we needed to start the trip. quiet with just enough human activity, we had an incredible time looking for treasures in yucca valley. we stepped into the past at the pioneertown motel, stargazed under the millions of stars in the sky and wandered around the magic land of joshua tree national park (an absolute must when you are anywhere close). another highlight also escaping to witch mountain for a little maternity shoot.

our next stop was palm get the energy of the city without all the traffic and pretentious tudes (sorry la, we still love you). we had the perfect welcome by arriving to a full moon (in scorpio) drum circle our first night at the ace hotel + swim club. morning adventures with pool time afternoons is exactly how we would describe our perfect day and we got three of them. between the adventures to the living desert, a runaway to salvation mountain and east jesus and getting high on the tram, we covered a lot of ground...and the ace hotel was the perfect place to call home for some serious relaxation with a lot things to still do right there if we wanted. 

we couldn't have asked for a better trip. now if only we can get wolfy to sleep in his own bed again. wish us luck!

photos by : papa, mama wolf and a few random strangers.   


it's been a month since wolfy got here, so i thought it appropriate to share this little photo story of his birth. 

words can't express the range of emotions we experienced on november 10th this year.

first, i have to recognize ashley for what she went through and how she handled it. i already knew that she was strong, but watching her labor for two full days blew my mind. let's just say mother's day is going to be a VERY big deal in the murphy household. 

what you don't see in these selected pictures is that we were in the hospital for 72 hours. even though we went into it with a very specific birth plan (HA!), we couldn't be happier with the end result. he's here. he's healthy. he's the man.

adjusting to having a newborn has been an incredible experience.  the last month has felt like one long day, but it's been the best day of my life. just a series of intimate moments strung together by threadbare consciousness. we've never been happier.

happy one month of life, wolfy!