aimee and paul are old friend's of mine from my college days. they've always been the sweetest and most fun people to be around.

i think that comes through beautifully in their engagement photos. 

despite being a bit camera shy, sarah did a killer job working with these two. 

here’s their review:

"Sarah Wharton and the JBM team made magic happen...MAGIC!! My fiancé and I love her artistic eye and ability to see the world for what it is. It truly inspires me as an artist and a person. One day when we are old and gray we can look back at these photos and recall our goofy personalities and most importantly, our home. They have an ability to capture real moments of magic. There are so many photos that truly take my breath away. We will hold these close to our hearts."

thanks guy!! can't wait see you in october for the big day.