wedding season is an interesting one for families in the industry... days are not consistent and weekends are non existent.  it is bittersweet where we get in a lot of face time with our son day to day but then have very long days/weekends/weeks away. so we make it a point to clump our days together as much as possible and head out on epic explorations as a family whenever we get the chance.

our first adventure of this season brought us to one of our favorite places, yosemite national park. we had an engagement session in the valley and took that as a perfect excuse to tag on a little family time. not sure if you know but we got hitched down in the valley four years ago this coming june. to say yosemite holds a special place in our hearts is an understatement and to see our little wolf pup explore here is an incredible dream. this is asher's third trip to the park. but this time it is as if it's an entirely new experience through his toddler eyes. also a very special trip having our little lake stone growing in mama wolf's belly. we are so lucky this kid loves the outdoors and adventure as much as we do (now if only we can get him to like his car seat just a tiny bit more... ah). we will take what we can get. if you ever have any questions on what to do, see, explore in this magic place, we would love to drop some knowledge.

thank you for all of your magic and glory, yosemite. you are a fucking gem. 

photos by : papa, mama wolf and a few random strangers.